Originally from Cape Town, I now live with my wife and son in the Channel Islands.

This site is my online home. It’s part diary, part archive.

By day I run a portfolio of businesses. I say portfolio as I have the attention span of a goldfish and keep launching new ones.

I like reading, comedy (mainly British), music, travelling, investing and entrepreneurship.


Inspired by the birth of my son, I write these short reflections to try to organise my thoughts, which I hope will help him navigate life well.

If my writing helps others too, that’s great!

Each reflection is written as a letter.

Business Projects

I find entrepreneurship an incredibly creative, challenging and rewarding pursuit. I’m good at starting businesses and getting early traction, but terrible at running them and managing people.

Thankfully, I’ve got great partners who help me with the latter.

These are my current business projects.

I’m also busy scaling 7 affiliate marketing websites with the aim of getting them to a collective value north of a million dollars. You can follow my progress in my public case study here.


Investing is a passion of mine. I find the intellectual pursuit of researching macroeconomic trends, industries and companies highly stimulating.

When I take a position I always write down my rationale. That way if things don’t work out I can see where my thinking was wonky and hopefully avoid making the same mistakes.

Years in Review

These Years in Review provide a public archive of my life.

They cover little snapshots of my what I got up to in a year, and include reviews of books I read and music that moved me, memorable undertakings like travel experiences, major life events and business highs and lows.

Why make it public?

I find doing things in public provides sufficient peer pressure to show-up, follow through and produce something worthwhile.

The latter also ensures that I add some value to you, the reader. Hopefully, you find some nuggets of wisdom scattered between the self-centred reflections of my life.

Why an archive?

As you’ll notice the years between 1983-2018 are missing. It’s not that I didn’t exist during this period, but that I failed to record my life and I now have scant memory of what actually happened.

These annual reviews aim to remedy this and provide a place I can return to reminisce and reflect on times past.